Drafting a novel the easy way: days 40 to 46

Hard hard hard to start again.

I read over the few hundred words most recently written to try and get back inside the narrative and noticed something interesting: the text following the scene that had been in my head for years, the one that I felt compelled to describe in minute detail, felt much freer and flowed better. Gestating the drama for so long had done nothing to help me write it well, but being rid of it seemed to have a positive effect.

Even so early in this process I am realising that lonely and despairing interior monologues are not going to power my story and the relationships I develop between the protagonists will give it any impact it has. If their attachment to each other is not felt, the threat of the severing of that attachment will feel like no threat at all. Duh.

And, by the by, I can see infelicities in word choice, places where I haven’t got the tone right, but I will not allow myself to go back to these now.

Word count: 2,954

Deficit: 1,646

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