Drafting a novel the easy way: day 31

Today was the day that I first opened up my document to compose within the portals of my own home, rather than out and about on transport. Something of a Pyrrhic victory, though, because I ended up deleting more words than I added, being stupid with tiredness.

I recall now that when I started my previous job I had a flush of writing success, that being the time when I started this blog, and I felt that things may be about to change in the area of my ‘writer’s block’ (a kind expression for it). However, this did not last, and the pressure of keeping up with that job soon nixed my enthusiasm. It is up to me to maintain the fragile momentum I am building up now.

I occasionally wonder whether it is wise to try and blog alongside the main effort but on the whole I think the time taken is worth it. Apart from anything, it is a form of publication – at least in my world! – that gives me a little boost whenever I do it. It also gets me used to the process of seeing my thoughts appear in symbols that can be understood by others. Another point is that I have been aware that my blogging is extremely random and very selfish – I only do it when I am both interested and energized, and I have no common subject. Therefore no-one follows it, and that is as it should be. I do it for myself. But I know that a successful blogger should really take one theme and stick with it, posting on a regular basis. It is good for me to practice this, as I am doing with this thread. The opening up of oneself to public humiliation and criticism that is entailed every time one publishes a blog post is something that I regard as a useful and necessary preparation for the agony of ever allowing another human to read my creative fiction.

Word count: 2,023

Deficit: 1,077

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