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The Royal Court Theatre

'The American Dream' and 'The Death of Bessie Smith' by Edward Albee

24th October to 11th November 1961

Cover of play programme

'The Death of Bessie Smith'

Cast in order of appearance:

Jack: Tommy Eytle

The Nurse: Gene Anderson

The Father: Robert Ayres

The Orderly: Neville Monroe

Second Nurse: Avril Elgar

The Intern: Richard Easton

'The American Dream'

Cast in order of appearance:

Mommy: Mavis Villiers

Daddy: Robert Ayres

Grandma: Avril Elgar

Mrs. Barker: Jeanne Watts

Young Man: Alexis Kanner

From the programme notes:

Alexis Kanner, nineteen-year-old Canadian actor, plays his first American part in this production. He was for two seasons at Stratford, Ontario, playing amongst others The Dauphin in 'King John'. Played Hotspur in Orson Welles' 'Henry IV'. Was a lead in the television play 'Echo From Afar' and his most recent film 'Reach For Glory' is due for release shortly.

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