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The Golders Green Hippodrome

'Talking to You' and 'Across the Board on Tomorrow Morning'

Week commencing Monday September 24th

Cover of play programme

'Talking to You'

Cast in order of appearance:

The Crow: Andreas Markos

The Tiger: Terence de Marney

Blacstone Boulevard: Johnny Sekka

Paul: Graham Payne

Fancy Dan: Nigel Hawthrone

Maggie: Thelma Holt

Policeman: Jock McGregor

'Across the Board on Tomorrow Morning'

Cast in order of appearance:

Thomas Piper: Harry Towb

John Callaghan: Terence de Marney

Helen: Loelia Kidd

Harry Mallory: Alexis Kanner

Peggy: Madeleine Burgess

Lois: Ann Hamilton

R. J. Pinkerton: Robert Henderson

Pablo: Dimitris Andreas

Pancho: Andreas Markos

Sammy: Nigel Hawthorne

Fritz: Rex Garner

Rhinelander 2-8182: Thelma Holt

Callaghan Mallory: Derek Fuke

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