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Softly, Softly

Softly, Softly cast

Three of 'Z' Cars team will continue in new programme

Actor Stratford Johns, who weekly enters most people's living rooms as Inspector Barlow in the BC TV police series 'Z' Cars is picured (left) at the BBC TV Centre, White City, London, when it was announced he and actor Frank Windsor (second from left, and also from the original 'Z' Cars team) would be starring in a new police series starting on January 4.

It will replace 'Z' Cars, will have in David E. Rose the same producer and will tell stories of another aspect of police work - regional crime squads.

Also in the picture, from Frank Windsor, are - left to right - Norman Bowler, Garfield Morgan, Gilbert Wynne and Alexis Kanner, who will appear in the new series. Robert Keegan (Sgt. Blackitt) will also be in the new series.

November 16th, 1965

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